Upcoming Events

Join us on October 1st at 10:30am to help clean up Black Pond Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary along with the Island Nature Trust.  

The Black Pond is situated west of Red Point Provincial Park and preserves important habitat for many waterfowl.

This is a barrier beach, as its name suggests, a beach that acts as a barrier between a large body of water and a smaller body of water. These beaches often protect the mainland from thrashing ocean waves. In the case of Black Pond, the barrier beach protects the pond from weather and waves coming off of the Northumberland Strait.

Bring boots and gloves to ger 'er done.  We'll be picking up trash and other debris, as guided by the Island Nature Trust crew.

(Also bring a board and wettie along just incase there's any swell afterwards on the north side...we'll likely do a surf check and it would be fun to have a session if it all lines up.  We'll pack a few extras to have on hand.)  Thanks 🤙