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Rustico Surf Club

Boogie Board Slide Leash

Boogie Board Slide Leash

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Each of our leashes is crafted here in Southern California.  Every leash is built with years of experience to give you the best performance in the ocean.

Our Boogie Board SLIDE Leash is the fully equipped for all levels of wave activity on our boogie board.  Whether you are just starting out or expert level, you can trust that this leash is perfect option to ensure your experience in the ocean is a positive one.  


* .220 (5/16") Thick Cord

* 1.5" Velcro Ankle Cuff

* 1" Triple Wrap Velcro Rail Saver

* Double 8mm Nickel Plated Brass Swivel

* Injection Molded Stand-off Tower

* Fusion Bonded Joints

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