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Rustico Surf Club

Green Room Tee 🌿

Green Room Tee 🌿

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Custom Screenprinted RSC original

Sustainably Sourced Cotton  + Recycled Polyester

According to one of our suppliers:

Better Cotton is not traceable.  Better Cotton is allowed to be mixed with conventional cotton on its journey from field to product.  For instance, a yarn mill can mix both Better Cotton and conventional cotton when spinning the yarn.

It’s not about how much Better Cotton is in each garment, it's about the demand we can create to source Better Cotton.  This positively impacts farmers, and the more demand we create, the stronger the impact.

The poly fiber in this garment is made from recycled content including plastic bottles. Compared to virgin fiber, recycled poly consumes less petroleum, emits fewer greenhouse gases, and helps conserve water and energy. 


One of our focuses is educating ourselves on how we can improve our materials in apparel production.   It is a journey and there is a lot to learn and we are making improvements when and where we can.

Thanks for helping us create the demand!


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