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The 42" Slide Boogie Board *

The 42" Slide Boogie Board *

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*Pick up In-store only : PVW boards can not be shipped from Rustico

*Surfboards can not be combined with discounts

Perhaps our most sought after product and new addition to the Positive Vibe Warrior Softboards collection.  

After customer feedback and demand, we created our first ever, PVW Boogie board with 100% recyclable Foam.

A board truly made for all levels of ocean riding. 

Our 42" Boogie Board  design includes maximum volume within a sleek outline. This one board makes it easy to catch waves and is easy to ride.

No wax needed with our Boogie board.  We have designed "the slide" with a built in grip inlay so that you will never need wax.

Proudly made in the USA.

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